Evernote turn-key solutions

Evernote is since the year 2008 a popular SaaS (Software as a Service) to take notes and to organize and archive files. In practice, the cloud-based software service’s main purpose is to archive pdf-files. Data input can be made by scanning documents, by uploading documents to the Evernote system or to send them to a dedicated Evernote email address. As a cross-platform tool, it works with Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and webOS.

Notebooks, tags, and notes

Evernote data can be sorted and categorized into notebooks and tagged with tags. The notes can be geotagged and the date created as well as the day updated is shown and can be mechanically adjusted. Such categorization significantly increases the usability of the software tool but is a time-consuming process.

The Evernote database is synchronized to several computers, phones, and tablets.

Keywords and contacts – active management of the Evernote database

#PUGASSIST offers to actively manage existing Evernote data benches. Each file will be managed in accordance with the client’s requirements. Each file is

  • categorized in a particular notebook, as defined by the client.
  • tagged with its language, topic, sector, and other particularity,
  • filed under its actual day created, letters by its date,
  • geotagged in appropriate cases and
  • renamed under a meaningful file name.

Please feel free to ask #PUGASSIST for an individual offer to manage, clean-up and tidy-up your EVERNOTE database. Highly confidential and reliable. Details and prices are available upon request. Or use the Asana Concierge service to get this done.