Asana Project Management

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. #PUGASSIST (“PA”) prefers Asana over BaseCamp, Trello and similar competitors. Asana’s clients include Uber, AirBnB, Tesla Motors, Pugnatorius, Dropbox and NASA.

It provides to an unlimited amount of users a common workspace in the Internet browser as a SaaS (Software as a service). Access to an individual Asana workspace requires an individual invitation, an e-mail address, and a password. An Asana account can have different independent workspaces.

Workspaces, teams, projects, tasks

Under Asana, associated tasks are grouped as a project. Projects can be organized in list view or in board view. Currently, the software does not allow to switch between both views. Therefore, the initial decision which project type is selected can’t be modified later. Under normal circumstances, list view projects should be preferred.

Each project belongs to a particular team with certain team members as defined by the administrator. Each team member can add tasks to a certain project, adjust or add data or mark a task as being completed. The whole team has the overview and insights in the project development and completion of each task belonging to its projects.

Each task can and should be allocated to an individual team member for further processing and allocated with a due date. Such team member is responsible for the timely completion of the task and its correct presentation within the Asana workspace. Overdue tasks are obvious to the team and could be handled specifically.

Tasks can be grouped into sections to increase overview. And they can be subdivided into subtasks with each sub-task having a due date and being dedicated to a specific team member. Pictures and other files can be added to each project.

Pictures and other files can be added to each task. They are displayed in the file section of each project. Files can be added also from GDrive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

Conversations, calendars

A team, as well as each project, has a dedicated conversation area which allows the team members the discussion of team or project related issues.

The individual team calendar or project calendar shows all tasks with a dedicated due date in a calendar format. Tasks can be easily re-scheduled by moving the task in the calendar view.

My tasks, inbox

Each user of an Asana workspace has the overview regarding his team memberships and for which tasks he has been assigned to the different projects. While the “My tasks” section lists those tasks in a defined order, the “Inbox” gives the overview about notifications the team member is following.

Projects within a team can be marked as private. In that case, other team members have no access to these tasks and associated data.

Harvest time tracking

The separate time tracking tool Harvest can be integrated into Asana. This allows to track the time spent on each task directly from the Asana workspace and to indicate this task automatically within Harvest.

Asana allows team work independently from the location of the individual team members. Access to the tasks can be individually adjusted to follow the “need-to-know” principles. #pugassist

PA offers Asana turn-key solutions for international clients. <More> The easiest way to delegate tasks is the use of the Asana Concierge services.


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