Asana turn-key solutions

Advantages and hurdles

Asana project management software is a tool to organize teams, projects, and tasks. After being organized with Asana, businesses enjoy substantially enlarged transparency, efficiency, and productivity. To asana the business means to communicate, process and perform on the protected common workspace to get things done faster, better and more efficient.

However, not each business, not each office and not each venture has the opportunity to start from the scratch with this project management tool. To retroactively install Asana, to make the business processes Asana-capable and to prepare the SaaS turn-key ready means a lot of work to be done. During the start-up phase, the team is typically inexperienced. Therefore, the own team is not the perfect fit for a good start.

Asana start-up services

#PUGASSIST supports and assists to set-up the Asana system for its clients. This does not only mean to register the SaaS on the client’s account. It means that the client’s data and documents are integrated into the workspace. Each task is in place as if it has been there from the beginning. The previous communication by e-mail, messenger or other medium is carefully read and screened for information which can be “asana-d”. This is what we call an Asana turn-key solution.

After the implementation has been accomplished by the #PUGASSIST crew, The client’s team will be introduced to their new workspace. The mode of operation, features, as well as tips and tricks, will be explained and the team members will be trained to ease the learning curve and make the team fit for business with Asana in the shortest possible time.

In the aftermath, #PUASSIST’s Asana experts are standing by to admin and assist on demand or on a regular basis. Bespoken services, tailored to the client’s individual needs. #pugassist


Ask #PUGASSIST for Asana turn-key solutions for your business!

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