Biz Intel

The competition never sleeps

While a business owner is focussed on his own business, his own customers, and his own employees, he obtains information and news about the competition typically on a random basis only. Important market developments pass easily unnoticed. This information gap can easily result in a competitive disadvantage.

Keeping an eye on the competition and the markets beneath the own business is a sensitive matter. To involve the own employees is a delicate and tricky matter. Espionage, fear and other negative connotations might show up, although being informed about the industry should be seen as a self-evident matter.

Know your competition

PA offers a comprehensive but confidential KYC (know your competition) service. This includes the monitoring of online activities including website updates and social media but also published news, announcements, press releases and more. On a regular basis as agreed with PA’s clients.

The KYC monitoring can be supplemented by certain active tasks like test purchases, phone contacts, and the direct approach to key personnel. All this within the borders of the particular jurisdiction.

Ask PA for a tailor-made package of passive monitoring and active tasks. Know your competition. The easiest way to assign #pugassist is the use of the AsanaConcierge services.